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Get ready, cause the code unlocks access to one year of Eden’s best sales and exclusive promotions ONLINE at all through 2021.

What are the bennies when you #GETTHECODE?

  • 9 months of exclusive “Halfy Hour” day discounts: 50% off one item on the first of each month in January, February, March, May, June, July, August, September, October (9a-9p HST)
  • An extra 11% off birthday party sales in April (That’s 41% off versus 30% off)
  • Three weeks of “Black Fridays” in November
  • Plus, one coveted 50% off purchase in December

Codes are currently sold out. Stay tuned on Instagram for any flash releases of codes... trust us, releases will happen and they'll go in a flash!

OK, I got the code, but how does it work exactly?
CONGRATS on snagging a coveted code for 2021. All code holders were sent a detailed how-to-code email. Please contact us ASAP if you didn't get an email. Promos launch monthly and a tickler email will go out to remind you that your profile is attached to code access, and the specific code will be noted in the email. As always, click click checkout if you really want something! We're a small business so things go quickly..... One thing to note, codes cannot be stacked with any other promotion or sale! 

Is the code valid at any of your physical boutique locations?
All code perks are valid online only at The code concept was born during the pandemic and my goodness, it's been the best, easiest and safest way to shop. Click click checkout and opt for either shipping ($7.95 flat rate always) or free warehouse pick up.

So you have free warehouse pick up?
YES! If you have a Hawaii address, you can always opt for warehouse pick up. We're open at Eden HQ (863 Halekauwila Street) every Wednesday from 4p-7:30p and Saturday 10a-5p. This is an option for Hawaii residents only. A $7.95 flat rate shipping can be selected for all orders out of state or anyone requesting shipping.

I have a friend who wants a code, but missed the deadline to get one. Are they still available?
You are the lucky one because codes are totally, utterly sold out. Have your friend keep her eyes on Instagram should we release any codes as a fun surprise. But for now, know you are IN. And trust us, it's gonna be a BLAST. 

Questions? YAY! Email us at Code holders unite!