Eden x NAIOP Hawaii

Exclusively available through NAIOP Hawaii

A custom design + collaborative brands = our FAB COLLABS.


An exclusive hand illustrated design, inspired by the NAIOP, Hawaii Chapter. You may be wondering... Eden + commerical real estate and developers??? But yes, it was one of the coolest collabs we've done! As we spent time researching the Kukulu Awards, we've found the ways that commercial development and real estate in Hawaii has elevated our place in the world. Honoring sustainability, aesthetic and architectural design and the hands that go into continuously caring and raising Hawaii's property, communities and land?  YES YES YES. All on this bag! Plus... who doesn't love a good interior?! 

Our favorite thing in this design? A recent project of one of NAIOP's most recent developers - the renovation of Servco Pacific's corporate office - is featured in one of the buildings on the design!

Where to purchase: All collab totes are only sold at their respective collab locations. To inquire about purchasing this tote, contact NAIOP.


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