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What is a “CODE”?

The code was born during the pandemic… as shopkeepers, we had to pivot hard, and quickly online. Not only are we shopkeepers, we’re small shopkeepers meaning we’re limited on inventory, staffing and abundance of time. We had to think of a way to curate an ideal shopping experience for our die hard Eden customers. Hence, the code was born. A year round online membership where code holders are granted access to one (1) item at 50% off every 1st of the month, plus three (3) early access Fridays in November to kick start our big Black Friday sale. For those of you who love Eden, this is the ONLY way to shop. Exclusive discounts, benefits, access and sneak peeks guaranteed.


Codes are currently sold out for 2021. Stay tuned on Instagram (@edeninloveboutique) for any flash sale releases of 2021 codes... they’ll come fast and furious, but will be so worth the wait! 

OK, I got the code, but how does it work exactly?

Once you purchased a code, a detailed how-to-code email was sent to you. Please contact us ASAP if you didn't receive an email within 48 hours of purchasing your code. Promos launch monthly and a tickler email will go out to remind you of your exclusive code access along with the specific code for the promo. Don’t forget to LOG IN whenever you’re on, your specific profile is attached to all code holder access. Your codes will not be valid if you’re not logged in. 

Are code holders limited to Hawaii residents only?

Since all code holder benefits are online, anyone can be a code holder in the US. 

What shipping options do code holders have?

We have two options: 1) FREE warehouse pick ups or 2) $7.95 flat rate shipping. If you have a Hawaii address, you can always opt for warehouse pick up. We're open at Eden HQ (863 Halekauwila Street) every Wednesday from 4p-7:30p and Saturday 10a-5p. This is an option for Hawaii residents and will only pop up if you have a Hawaii address in the ship to area. A $7.95 flat rate shipping fee applies to all other orders if items are shippable.

Questions? Email us at Code holders unite!